I’m now 23

I’m now 23.

This is older than I’ve ever been, and I’m having a hard time concentrating on the flow of thought or conversation; sleep has been elusive the past couple of days and I’m running on empty.

Alex told me today that whenever I get something new to do I end up really going for it, with everything else in life falling off the radar. I suspected this was true myself, but didn’t realise it was that obvious to other people.

Funny thing is, with the exception of Uni (which I really should be concerned about the lack of motivation for), I feel guilty for not keeping up with things like the blog etc, which is ridiculous. I set the rules after all. Infact, there aren’t even any rules to set.

I work best this way though; intensity for a period pushes you to learn as much as possible about an area, and the lack of concentration on anything else ends up with your brain soaking up knowledge in what you’re doing like a sponge. It’s rather cool, if overwhelming.

Anyway, I’ll report back sometime soon.


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