Natalie and Caroline

My awesome Spanish-adopted American couchsurfers – Natalie and Caroline. I haven’t been feeling particularly enthused about uni lately; the whole thing’s been a bit of a weight around the neck rather than a positive experience. Interestingly, when the girls and I hung about the Uni before I headed to a revision seminar, it kind of […]

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I try to avoid being overtly political on here, as it’s more meant to be an overview of my life and times, although since it’s inextricably part of me, that whole world can spill over. For some more academic/political discussion, you can check out the sporadic postings at margins of thought – where I’ll be […]

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In true sacreligious style, the Cathouse continued its annual Easter celebration by hosting Jesus versus the Easter Bunny. Also in attendance were Sara and Madeleine – two smiley Swedish couchsurfers that are (were) staying with Kaylie. I managed to tell them apart by remembering that Sara was Small. Ingenious, no? She was also pretty good […]

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Natalie and Caroline

I’ve been posting so many of these multiple-photo storyboard-esque entries that I’m going to need to limit the number on each page, to avoid a massive laggy load-time for you lot on slower connections. Is that something people have noticed, or not? If the latter, I might not bother. Prelude out of the way, the […]

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Faslane – SCANA

Today I went along to the Faslane ‘naval’ base as part of a protest organised by Scottish Christian groups against the continuing existence of nuclear weapons – not just on the Clyde, but anywhere. It’s the fourth time I’ve been to the military settlement over the past few years, and so it was somewhat of […]

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