Today we got an email from uni about certain important decisions we need to make about courses pretty soon, and it’s plunged me into a whole host of thoughts and ideas that I need to make sense of, but have been failing to do so for months (maybe years).

To be honest, I’m scunnered with the whole thing. It’s really difficult to see where to fit in or what to do in the realm of the law if you aren’t purely motivated by reasons connected to career. All I know is that I’ve got, and always had a passion for human rights, and went to be able to equip myself to fight that corner; irrespective of the financial or commercial rewards.

Problem is, unless you’re completely consumed with academic fervour; the sort who chases success purely for its own end, and not necessarily for the passion of it.. unless you study every minute of every day, showing face in all the right places, it seems impossible to get any further than the end of the degree. Unless you can graft and squeeze your face to fit the mould, then what chance do you have? Surely the law requires exactly the sort of people who are more ‘well rounded’, complex and involved in order to be refreshed and driven forward, especially in a field like fundamental rights.

Acht, maybe this is all self indulgent. Maybe the only people who deserve to get into specific roles and positions are those who dedicate everything to it, even if that is to the sacrafice of themselves. It just seems that so much of the legal world is filled with a focus on career development rather than personal development, with the balance tipped in favour of those who already come from privileged backgrounds, that it’s easy to feel de-motivated. Is there much point in even applying for a course in law unless you’re the best at everything? Fluent in French; academically brilliant; passionate and sociable; musically able… Who knows.

Hopefully things will change. I need to think long and hard about where this goes and what it means. Someone fire me a direction.


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