Kaylie doesn’t like this photo. February 2011, Fort William Lomo LC-A – Konica crap-o-film. way expired

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Brian Keady’s Wedding

I was at the wedding reception for a friend from work tonight. Coming home through town wearing a kilt drew some inevitable comments from local smart-asses, including “Hah, where are you from?”. There’s a fair amount of irony in a Scottish person asking a fellow countryman where they’re from as a sort of insult given […]

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Creative Commons and why I use it.

All of my photos uploaded to Flickr are released under a ‘Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons’ licence. This allows people to use them freely on their blogs, sites or whatever, as well as editing them as long as they say where they got the original, and release their changes under the same terms… but only if it’s […]

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Just realised that I spelled ‘sights’ as ‘sites’ in my last post. Whit?! Human Rights and Scots Law exam must have been messing with my head. I don’t even make grammatical mistakes when I’m intoxicated, so no idea what was going on there. I apologise for such a ridiculous error, and will work hard to […]

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Mojo Fury

Back. Back with ‘old’ pals again. It’s only been a shade over a couple of months since I was on tour with the lads from Mojo Fury (or at least, on the same tour), but it felt like a lot longer. In one sense it was just like slipping back into exactly where everything had […]

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