Why the killing of Bin Laden is a disgrace

Bin Laden is dead.

The death of a human being is a ‘momentous achievement’; outside of law; outside of justice; outside of morality.

The president hailed as new and different because of the colour of his skin has ordered the death of another person with no trial and sparked a mass celebration by moronic Americans outside the White House, as well as the worldwide media.

Let’s all celebrate, for today we helped perpetuate death and imperialism; breeding further ideological difference without cause.

To paraphrase Derrida – Good rises equally with evil; good does not triumph. One victory for ‘good’ merely explodes the reaction and antithesis against it.

We can expect further attacks, and fuck’s sake do we deserve it. The world is not a ‘safer place’ because of ‘who we are’, but because of our complete disgust for human value and life that underpins this entire philosophy.

“No Americans were harmed.”

Thank God.

I really feel physically sick at the total distaste for human life. It makes me want to don a turban.

Excuse me whilst I throw up.

“Justice has been done” without trial; without evidence; on the back of ideology supporting the rich. Disgusting.

I’d like it publically stated that I oppose this entire situation and stance with every fibre of my being. I am repulsed by it in its entirety.


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