Dirty Sanchez at the Cathouse

One half of Dirty Sanchez came to the Cathouse for their Pritchard vs. Dainton tour of the UK. As you can imagine, there’s a whole pile of photos that can’t appear online… and probably shouldn’t ever actually be seen in public.

It was so good to work with people like at their level again. Despite the chaos of the live show, having a tour manager that’ll give you a nod when you should move out the way to avoid getting soaked with beer, and performers that are aware of where you are,  and will move to ensure you get the best shot possible is a luxury that can often be lost in smaller gigs and shows.

It also was a reassuring justification of why if you want something shot properly you need to get a professional. Whilst you might get away with an inexperienced photographer for something like a regular club night, if you have a full show that is fast paced, with difficult light, and a tiny photo pit full of crowdsurfers, you need someone who can negotiate all of that and still get the pictures that you want for promotion. It might sound like I’m banging the same drum here, but it’s important to note these things or else they go un-said and un-noticed.

If you want things done properly, make sure you pay someone who will do it properly.

I don’t usually do the whole photo-with-celebrity thing, but for these two I made an exception. They better feel privileged.


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