Anna and Marlon

Is it really over a week since I’ve updated? Crazy. Doesn’t seem that long. I’ve got a bit of catching up to do in that sense.

Today I saw that someone from Beltrami Solicitors in Glasgow posted on my rather unpopular views on the policing of the Kelvingrove party the other week, agreeing with the essence of what I’d said. I knew that more people read this than I was aware, but it’s rather surprising (as well as comforting) to see that it isn’t just limited to the photo-related parts.

That aside, it’s been a week of cancellations, with two things planned to take up a fairly big chunk of time having the plug pulled at the last minute. I don’t want to go into details on either as it’s not really necessary, but it’s been both a disappointment and a relief. Know that way where you wouldn’t make the decision yourself, but when it comes it’s not completely unwelcome? That was the case here.

Prior to all that, I had Anna and Marlon from Austria stay with me as couchsurfers on a UK (and Ireland)-wide trip. It was a fairly sedate affair, but pleasant. You can’t beat drinking beer in a sunny Glasgow park. (all legal I might add. Can’t have a repeat of that party after all). Something that I wouldn’t automatically do out of choice if left to my normal social life, but when you have a visitor… it forces you to be more of yourself, or a version of you that you would be, or at least pertain to be.

We visited the People’s Palace Museum in Glasgow Green. The park’s somewhere that I don’t venture into often, but that I’ll need to more regularly. I forget how pleasant it can be in the sunshine, and only a stone’s throw from where I live.

I worked out that the last time I was down there (with one minor exception) was around 9 years ago for the Gig on the Green festival. Almost completely inexcusable that it’s been that long… and it seems remarkable now that they managed to fit a whole festival setup into such a small space. I must just have been wee and in awe at the whole thing.

The museum itself is somewhere I used to visit loads when I was wee; my gran and granda used to take me there regularly, and afterwards I’d convince them to have lunch in the Winter Gardens part. It was a shame to see that the whole thing has become fairly run down from what I remember. A chunk of the interactive bits had the text/paint worn off, and everything seemed fairly.. tired.

The most amusing thing was discovering a Game Boy behind glass. Am I really that old? I remember when I got one. It cost a fair amount of cash, and my choice was between this or what I think was the SNES. I vividly remember going in with my mum and dad to get it from Argos… and now it’s in a museum? Weird. Especially weird since I’ve got a whole pile of them that I’ve been modifying and making music with recently.

and so thus endeth this installment.

I’ve got other things that need to appear here, and they will in due course. Next week sees the third and final exam of this academic year, which can’t come soon enough.

Well, I say it can’t come soon enough… I mean that with respect to the situation rather than the results of this particular exam. There are some exams that you feel prepared for and with a good idea of the questions that will confront you, and others which you feel lost in a sea of uncertainty and speculation. This is definitely not the former.


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