Mojo Fury

Back. Back with ‘old’ pals again.

It’s only been a shade over a couple of months since I was on tour with the lads from Mojo Fury (or at least, on the same tour), but it felt like a lot longer.

In one sense it was just like slipping back into exactly where everything had been left off: the guys in their… ‘unique’ van eating various food-stuffs out of military tins; a lot of kicking about during soundcheck; a lot of beer; and a lot of sarcastic, humourous exchanges.

In another sense, it was really weird to have to have your presence explained to security, and to not just be part of the ‘furniture’; a regular and staple part of the tour. When you’ve met a bunch of people in a particular setting, it’s really strange to go back to that same setting but without being directly involved in it.

I wasn’t setting out to photograph anything live in particular, so there’s a distinct absence of stage shots. Whilst the GF1 and f0.95 lens combo is nice, for stuff like this you really need to have your proper SLR setup with flash to get the most ‘professional’ shots… whatever that means. I did get a video (at their request), so I’ll need to convert it and upload that when I get a chance.

They sprung upon me that they needed a couple of group shots for the press back home, which wasn’t made easy with the set f0.95 lens I had with me; certain peoples’ faces are rather blurred into non-existence, but when converted to greytones and scaled down for print, it’ll hardly be noticable.

If anyone happens to spot any of these in the Belfast Telegraph, gimme a shout.

Despite the unusual experience of seeing them out of context, it was an awfully good reunion. Last time I saw the guys involved the rather unpleasant task of getting up at 9am to catch a flight back to Glasgow whilst still dreadfully hungover. They of course stayed in bed till far later than that, but the night’s antics will live on for a good time to come. I’m not sure I even ever posted about what happened on the Ipswich date of the tour here… It’s probably better that way. Let’s just say that a free bar + a crazy bar manager; two touring bands and one Scotsman is never going to end sensibly.

I wish them all the best, and hope that we can have many more nights of intoxication to come; band or no band.


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