Creative Commons and why I use it.

All of my photos uploaded to Flickr are released under a ‘Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons’ licence.

This allows people to use them freely on their blogs, sites or whatever, as well as editing them as long as they say where they got the original, and release their changes under the same terms… but only if it’s for non-commercial use, so basically… companies still need to pay for the usage.

It’s something that lots of photographers get up in arms about, but which I think is a fairly important point. The internet is about the liberal dissemination of information and content, and I think it’s important and worthwhile that we allow our intellectual property rights to be flexible to facilitate such an ideology. Rather than hunt down the blogger who uses a picture to illustrate something and demand recompense, we should seek to break down the chains that tie up a lot of content needlessly.

Anyway, the upshot of such a stance is that you often find your pictures in strange places.

This screenshot from some Canadian Radio website is one such example. They’ve grabbed a picture of one of my mates in our local pub back home that was taken years ago, and used it to illustrate a story about the possible lowering of the drinking age in Quebec. Hilarious.

Technically they shouldn’t have used the image at all, as they’re a commercial organisation… but given the amusement factor for me, I think I can let this one slide.


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