American Couchsurfers – Caroline, David and Bobby

Another awesome couchsurfing experience.

If you’d asked me just last year about which nationality of people I’d like to spend time with, American wouldn’t have been too high on the list. After hosting some really wonderful people over the past few months, that’s changed. Infact, it’s changed so much that I’m considering getting the cash together to go and visit them in their home country… definitely not something I would have considered before.

I still can’t get away with just how amazing it can be to spend time with people you barely know and just live… with no pretence or any other issues. The complete trust that people put in you that you’ll be true to your word and look after them… the gratitude and generousity all round are addictive in of itself. No matter how little time you spend together in the sense of actual minutes on the clock, you can’t help but feel like you carve out a special place in each others’ lives.

Big David is a frat boy, and at first I was concerned that his build and drinking habits would mean that I had met my match. The words ‘drinking you under the table’ were banded about I’m sure. After a few hours and with him passed out in the bar though, I’ve notched up another victory for the Scots.


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