Wednesday Night

For years (apparently about 11) I’ve been involved in a Wednesday night house group – both as a ‘young person’ (I hate that term), and then as a leader (another equally misleading and awful phrase).

Rather than indoctrinate with religious dogma or anything else, what I remember from my time was the genuine care of those who were involved about who you were as a person and how you’d end up living your life. Hopefully that’s something that has been passed on as well… It’s a whole minefield of division and complexity and I fear that I wasn’t very good at fighting my way through both it and my perpetual tiredness.

Either way, last week was the final one as everyone has grown up and is far cooler than my ancient self, and they’re away off to explore the big bad world of work, university and fighting stagnation. Here is a documentation.

They did complain about the camera at first, but they should be used to it by now.


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