Sometimes there are frustrations that come from specific situations that simply can’t be articulated adequately in a public realm like this without compromising your own position. This is one of those times… and for that reason, do accept my apologies if any of this post doesn’t quite seem to hang together as you might expect.

It’s worth pointing out that whilst the pictures from tonight come from the Cathouse, these thoughts aren’t directly connected!

I was thinking about how my Canon 5Ds used to seem so exciting and interesting; how every picture seemed so detailed; and how it was like there was an endless amount of possibilities and potential and fun to be had.

In contrast, now they live in one of the many Crumpler bags that take up space in my room, existing simply as ‘workhorses’; means to an end for work purposes.

It’s this sort of thing that makes it so frustrating when people refuse to see the value in what you do. You’re treated as if you should be grateful simply for getting the pleasure to be able to take photos of other people… when the reality is that by the very act of doing it for someone else, you’re forced to give that part of things away. Some people LOVE it and would do it for free, so why won’t you? Because real dedication to something which brings skill with experience requires more than just the initial honeymoon period of wonder and awe involved in the learning process. Enthusiasm and interest doesn’t give you the ability to be confident to deliver good results no matter what the situation you find yourself in.

Then again, you do get to meet pretty girls. Keith always told me that I was a sucker for pink hair dye, which may well be true.


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