What a weekend. The past few days have thrown up a lot of things that warrant a bit of consideration. I’ll almost be glad to see the back of them and roll into a week of 8.30-5 work action. I’m all for symbolic, metaphysical finger-prodding, but there’s only so much you can take in one […]

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Facebook page

A couple of my pals who I’ve known for years through geeky technical stuff have been getting into photography as of late. One in particular has been hassling me for ages, completely baffled as to why I haven’t put more effort into selling mysef and the business side of the photography stuff, especially given the […]

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Latitude Festival 2011

Part One (For a more critical, less personally slanted review (kind of), you can check out the feature at After being harassed encouraged by our friends from Belladrum to head down to Latitude this year, myself and Kaylie embarked on the ridiculously long journey from Glasgow to Suffolk. For those of you not too […]

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Merchant City Festival

Sunny day in Glasgow… eh!? but sunny it was, and it happened to be the weekend of the Merchant City Festival. I’ve never been a big fan of the Merchant City Festival before. As far as I’ve been able to tell, it’s been a bit of a middle class affair, masquerading as a ‘continental market’. […]

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Falling for Fitzgerald

Last night my good friend Action Man descended on the flat with a whole host of people that didn’t know each other to record some scenes for a short film called Falling for Fitzgerald. It was a bit of a change from the usual setups that I’ve seen, with a proper camera dolly and everything. All […]

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Big Tesco

Today I went up to the ‘big Tesco’ to have a look round and see exactly what I could pick up to eat in light of my possible wheat intolerance. Long story short, I’ve had stomach problems for months and months which everybody attributed to alcohol. After cutting out bread, pasta, cereal and everything else […]

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