Dez and Fiona’s Wedding

Fiona Berry (now Fiona Johnston) is someone who has been an awesome pal since I was young(er). She was one of the few people who grew up in the same church as me that I felt comfortable with; someone who was stubbornly individual and her own person… You can see why we got on.

Despite a whole lot of criticism and adversity, Fiona and Dez have been together and been consistently smitten over the course of a few years. When Fi’s dad asked them to wait to get married till she graduated, they did, which is much to their credit. I can only admire them for the discrimination and pressure that they’ve endured from all angles because of a difference in age and perceived values.

Routinely featuring in my photos, they had me pegged to do their wedding over two years ago, which is a date I never thought I’d see come round. Not because I never thought they’d get married, but because it seemed so far in the future.

Well, the date came round, and despite a whole lot of intrepidation at doing a whole wedding without any sort of contractual protection, it was awesome. It sounds a stupid thing to say, but doing things for friends is often a more nerve-wracking experience than it is doing something in a professional capacity… You’ve got a whole much more emotionally invested in things.

Fi told me that I said as much to her after a hip flask or two of whisky; the usual dull and repetitive nature of weddings is turned on its head completely when it’s people who you care about a lot.

I’m glad that they’re my pals, as they’re both such awesome folk.

This is just a selection of the pictures, and I’ll post them up in parts to avoid killing the bandwidth on this page. I still need to work out how to limit the posts per page… One day. One day.


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