SNP visit India of Inchinnan

The SNP MSP Fergus Ewing came along to India of Inchinnan to visit the IT firm that I’m spending the summer with as a ‘Digital Marketing Consultant’.

I’ve worked on and off with Amor Group (formerly Realtime/RTEL) for years in different ways… from Technical Services to setting up intranet sites to looking after the social media side of things.

There are many, many stories that have come up since I started as a work experience lad at the tender age of 16 (most of them not able to be repeated), but I’ve never yet come into contact with a Minister… never mind a member of the Cabinet. (Fergus is Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism)

That’s David Blyth the Chief Financial Officer (Left), John Innes the Chief Executive Officer (right), and Fergus in the middle. Another useless fact is that John has a flat above me in Glasgow. Always an interesting situation where the chance of bumping into your CEO in a drunken haze at 3am is fairly high.

The photos came out alright given that we ended up with about 30 seconds to spare, and half an hour earlier than planned.

One picture that only made it as far as the cutting room floor was this one of Neil Logan (on the right), who was happily smiling away a minute before.

This one’s for you Neil.

Amor Group (morefromamor) on Twitter

Consider this a generic legal disclaimer about my opinions here being totally unconnected to that of the business itself.


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