News of the World – Devil has many faces

The News of the World will see its last issue this Sunday, after a substantial and drawn out period of controversy.

Politically I am no friend of the Murdoch owned title, but the hordes of people clamouring for blood and celebrating the newspaper’s demise – hailing it as a victory in the struggle against News Corporation and controlled media in general – are missing some fairly vital points.

This is nowhere near as big a blow to those in control than people appear to think. At a time where the print media is struggling to make profits stack up against the web, and with the ‘current economic climate’ taking its toll on finances across the board, the chance to axe an entire ream of workers without causing too much (more) damage to the reputation of the larger business is a God-send for the money-makers involved.

Whilst the politics and ideologies of those in control may be despicable, and the past actions wrong, this move only serves to cement News Corporation’s position and power, not lessen it. The real losers here are those hard-working and decent journalists and photographers (not to mention IT worker, cleaners, admin staff…) who have had zero involvement in this scandal, and are now left unemployed. Some may scoff at the idea that anybody who worked for such a title can possibly have morals, but it’s such a naive contention that it’s not even worth considering any further.

So whilst the so-called socialists amongst us are cheering at the downfall of an old enemy, just remember that the devil has many faces, and that in the end we’re almost always the ones being played.


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