Big Tesco

Today I went up to the ‘big Tesco’ to have a look round and see exactly what I could pick up to eat in light of my possible wheat intolerance.

Long story short, I’ve had stomach problems for months and months which everybody attributed to alcohol. After cutting out bread, pasta, cereal and everything else wheat/gluten-esque, the hassle has almost completely gone. Instead of taking pills all day to numb the pain, the symptoms have pretty much disappeared.

There’s been a fairly drastic change to my diet as a result. Wheat made up the bulk of everything I ate on a daily basis, and now I’m having to prepare a lot more stuff, and eat a lot more meat than before to replace the mountains of pasta that came before it.

It’s amazing what you find wheat in though. Aside from the obvious, things like soup, haggis, burgers, sausages… all have the dreaded ingredient. Luckily I can get away with eating small amounts, but what on earth must it be like for somebody who is totally allergic?

I’ll just need to replace food with whisky.


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