Falling for Fitzgerald

Last night my good friend Action Man descended on the flat with a whole host of people that didn’t know each other to record some scenes for a short film called Falling for Fitzgerald.

It was a bit of a change from the usual setups that I’ve seen, with a proper camera dolly and everything. All rather exciting. It was quite amusing when a pile of extras (that didn’t know each other) turned up and were sitting about before anybody else had arrived in an awkward silence.

It was all okay when the beer arrived though.

Doing stills on the sets of films is one of my favourite things to shoot. It’s the perfect situation for a candid portrait photographer. Everybody’s already there, willing and prepared to have their faces documented in some way or another, and are too busy concentrating on the filming and where they’ve to be and what they’ve to do and how they’ve to sound and… to bother with the photographer sliding around in the background.

The film itself should be pretty good… not just because of the stunning location. Ahem.


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