Merchant City Festival

Sunny day in Glasgow… eh!?

but sunny it was, and it happened to be the weekend of the Merchant City Festival.

I’ve never been a big fan of the Merchant City Festival before. As far as I’ve been able to tell, it’s been a bit of a middle class affair, masquerading as a ‘continental market’. Basically, just over-priced, faux-market traders selling olives, and not much else. Sure, there were some music on at the local pubs, but it all seemed a bit like a marketing ploy than anything else. Good on the surface, but lacking in content.

This year seems to have brought an improvement though. Not only was the choice and price of the food on offer better, there was also a bit more of a ‘festival’ atmosphere than there has been before, with a few stages squirreled about down back streets and other places. Saying that, I had heard literally nothing about what was going on or who was playing prior to today (and still don’t really have a clue), which is pretty poor given that I live right on the edge of where everything happens. What acts were playing? What musicians were actually on the stages? Who knows. It seems like you’re just meant to work that out for yourself. If they want to really become an event worth attending for more than a wander, they really need to explain exactly what is happening over the weekend.

Last weekend at Latitude Festival (photos of that will come soon…), there was a stall with a whole pile of fresh salad and feta cheese. After a few days in a field eating processed/tinned/packaged food (with the exception of my awesome potato salad), I would have killed to have some of it…

…but I wasn’t going to pay a fiver for a tiny plastic tub. Nae chance.

The heat of today was enough in of itself to merit some Greek food, so combined with the cravings left over from Latitude, and the dolmades on offer, we bought in some stuff to eat later.

I didn’t buy any wine though, so you should feel proud.

Glasgow’s such a nice place in the sun. It feels like a totally different city. People are friendlier; the streets feel more European; even the air smells different. If only it was like that more often.

What was funny was the two random Greek guys that stopped us later as we headed home, to get a photo of me and Kaylie. Apparently they don’t see many people with Hellenic football tops in Scotland. My cousins in Athens will be less than impressed that it’s AEK and not Panionios mind you..

…and here is the feast. Who says we’re not healthy? Food doesn’t look good photographed like this very often, but it looks okay here. Well, it would do if KAYLIE hadn’t dripped tzatziki on the edge of the bowl. Psht.


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