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A couple of my pals who I’ve known for years through geeky technical stuff have been getting into photography as of late. One in particular has been hassling me for ages, completely baffled as to why I haven’t put more effort into selling mysef and the business side of the photography stuff, especially given the amount of people I come into contact with on a week-to-week basis.

A lot of it is to do with the attitude of every other man(or woman)-with-camera that considers themselves to instantly be a photographer. Before they’ve taken 200 shots, nevermind the legendary 10,000 that it supposedly takes to embark on the journey, they’ve got domain names, blogs and other social media profiles all set up with ‘DAVID JONES PHOTOGRAPHY’ etc… as well as offering their extensive, err… ‘experience’ for weddings, club-nights, gigs… you name it.

That’s just not something I want to get involved in, and I’ve relied on my reputation to get and hold work in the past.

However, it’s become clearer and clearer that in order to remain where I am, I am going to have to be a bit more pro-active and assert my position somewhat. As a result, I’ve got a whole plan to raise the profile of the photography-related stuff, as well as all the other things I’m involved in. Part of that will be the ability for people to order high-res prints through an easy, automated process on a new site that I’m in the process of putting together.

Whilst I have been incredibly vocal about my dis-taste for Facebook, part of this whole project involves the creation of a Facebook ‘page’. I already have a dummy account that I use to administer the corporate page of a software firm (Amor Group), and so it’s not that big a chore to create one purely to keep people updated about what’s going on. I’m treating it purely as a way of conveying information, and the good thing about having a ‘page’ rather than an account is that I don’t fall into any of the ideological pitfalls regarding identity and ‘friends’ that I’ve spoken about before. It’d be silly not to take advantage of the networks I’ve got, and more than that… I think it’s probably going to be necessary.

In the meantime, before I finish off and release the addresses of the other websites that will tie all of this stuff together, if you happen to be a Facebook person, you can click on the ubiquitous ‘f’ above to get to my page.


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