Aaaaghhh so much to do. I can’t even remember what night this was. Saturday? Probably. Not sure. How come everything seems to pile up for just before you go away on holiday? I’ve got a whole pile of photos/blog-posts that need to be processed and put online for a start. I could always just do […]

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This is Caroline. She manages to look remarkably good even with a large moustache on. The fact that it was better than my real facial hair enraged me so much I had to do something about it. (photo by Jamie)

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Pazy’s Birthday

So many social occasions as of late. This particular one was in honour of Pazy’s birthday. Me and him used to walk to school every day after meeting at the bottom of the steps leading down the hill from my house. We did also walk with Taylor, and tried to push him into various hedges/flower-beds […]

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The Avett Brothers – August 2011

Arches, Glasgow Monday 22nd August 2011 If you’re not familiar with the Avett Brothers, they would probably fall into the ‘folk rock’ category. They’re one of the few artists I could find online that don’t just play softly-softly, plonky music on the banjo when I was first starting to learn myself. The hillbilly instrument sounds […]

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Hungover in Glasgow Cathedral

This is how one looks when hungover in a Cathedral. Is there something in the Good Book about that? Probably not actually. There’s far less about that sort of stuff than people assume. Regardless, Kaylie had to head round some landmarks to come up with clues for the Cathouse/Garage scavenger hunt that’s being planned for […]

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