George Square – World War Z

The Scottish news is awash with coverage of the filming of the film ‘World War Z’. Set to be released in 2012, the cast and crew have pretty much taken over George Square and the surrounding City Centre streets, transforming them into something more appropriate in style to Philadelphia.

There are loads of photos kicking about the web of the changes that have been put in place, and I’d planned to hold off till I had some more interesting ones taken at night of the lights and so forth, but it seems like every day I walk through the Square to get to work there is different American paraphernalia, so to postpone things could go on indefinitely.

It’s amazing how much interest the whole thing has generated, and also how quickly you get used to and accept the whole thing as a resident. In fact, I found myself more annoyed at having to push my way through throngs of tourists to get to the other side of the square when heading out, or even just trying to get the bus to work (which has had to have its stop relocated elsewhere). The positioning of George Square means that it’s slap bang in the middle of the quickest way to walk from my flat to most of the top end of the city. How very convenient. (!)

Interestingly enough, tourists is the right word to use, as despite there being a fair amount of talk from Glaswegians about the filming (in particular some guy called Brad Pitt), the vast majority of people that I’ve seen milling about have been visitors and those for whom Glasgow is not their native city. It must be a fairly entertaining spectacle for those that are looking around naturally anyway, but as a local it just becomes another part of the city’s landscape. There is always something happening just round the corner, and so it’s not quite as amazing as it might appear to those not used to such happenings.

It must be a strange sort of perspective for those who work on these film sets… being part of an enterprise that is able to command such financial and symbolic gusto to be able to completely take over the main square in a city for weeks at a time.

Apparently they chose Glasgow because of its wide streets, architecture and grid system. Whilst it’s pretty cool to see all of the American signage out of the ordinary, I do hope it doesn’t reduce the effect of it when I head out to Denver in a couple of weeks! If I’ve become desensitised by then I’ll be ragin!


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