Hungover in Glasgow Cathedral

This is how one looks when hungover in a Cathedral. Is there something in the Good Book about that? Probably not actually. There’s far less about that sort of stuff than people assume.

Regardless, Kaylie had to head round some landmarks to come up with clues for the Cathouse/Garage scavenger hunt that’s being planned for September, which is why I was suffering out in the open rather than back in bed.

When going on a trip, every photographer has the same dilemma. Far from worrying about which clothes should go in the case, the real question is how many, and what cameras to take? It seems like a trivial detail, but you’ve got to think… what’ll be easy to carry about, what’ll look best? What will be least hassle to organise and develop when you get back? What lenses will let you shoot in all the situations you’re going to come up against? Should you take one film back or two? So many questions…

Anyway, I’m definitely taking the GF1. I’m not a big fan of the pictures that the ‘pancake’ lens produces… it’s a bit too flat… with no depth of field or real character to it. The 25mm f0.95 is awesome, but not really much use in the sun.

Solution? ND4 filter! I can’t find the thread size for the c-mount lens, so I’ve bastardised one that’s about 40mm from my Leica. It’s still a bit too big, but it’s nothing that a bit of blu-tak won’t fix. It’s a highly technical solution, but it works. These shots are using that elaborate setup…

Having had all these different couchsurfers stay made me realise that there’s loads of places around the city that I’ve never visited myself, yet hundreds of visitors from other places come to see every day. I couldn’t believe it when Chloe from Strasbourg told me that she had never visited the European Court of Human Rights.

Living just down the road from Glasgow Cathedral, I’ve never made the few hundred metres walk up to see the inside in person, so it was pretty cool to do so. They had a fairly crazy guy playing the organ with all sorts of wild tunes. It’s no surprise that he decided to deviate from the traditional hymns mind you. I wonder if he gets paid to sit there all day.

…and here’s the beard. I’m not sure whether I should shave it off or leave it to do its thing whilst I’m off to the States. When I come back I might resemble ZZ Top.


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