Pazy’s Birthday

So many social occasions as of late.

This particular one was in honour of Pazy’s birthday. Me and him used to walk to school every day after meeting at the bottom of the steps leading down the hill from my house. We did also walk with Taylor, and tried to push him into various hedges/flower-beds etc along the way.

Metropolitan is nice, but not a place for those on a budget. That’s all I’m going to say on that particular matter.

Merchant Square is Glasgow’s attempt to have an all-weather, European style drinking place – with tables and chairs outside the bar… but still err, inside. A very Scottish way of dealing with things. It doesn’t help much on the rare occasions that it is actually sunny though!

This is Pazy. This is actually how he looks most of the time – grin and all.

Clearly the people behind weren’t too impressed with the camera pointed in their general direction.

Nice lights.

Expensive drinks.


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