Aaaaghhh so much to do. I can’t even remember what night this was. Saturday?


Not sure.

How come everything seems to pile up for just before you go away on holiday? I’ve got a whole pile of photos/blog-posts that need to be processed and put online for a start. I could always just do it when I get back… there’s no rules after all… but then, I don’t want them to go stale. It’s hard to write about an event or day as if it’s current when other exciting things have taken over and occupied your mind; taking up the space that was previously thinking about the time you’re trying to write about.

The best time to write about things (for me) is at the time itself, which is a bit of a pain given the amount of hassle involved in the whole PROCESSING err.. process. Digital’s bad enough!

Tomorrow I’m going to be wearing a tie. Possibly. I’ve to photograph the signing of a £19 odd million contract with the Scottish Government, and everybody else will be dressed to the nines. I wouldn’t usually bother, but it’s always healthy to surprise people.

I’ve spent the past few hours out of work trying to get some video rendered correctly as well. I should just give up, but can’t let go! Argh.

She actually suits my glasses.


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