Trimmed Beard

Here’s my trimmed beard. I look about ten years younger. Also pictured are the new geggs: fine, wooden ones, handcrafted in Hong Kong to fit my face. Yas. nb: picture is back to front thanks to the webcam.

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If only I had the time, people and inclination to shoot more medium format. Glasgow, February 2011 Hasselblad 500CM – Kodak Portra 400NC

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I’ve always said that I wasn’t in to ‘photography’. Rather, I liked taking pictures as I went along in life, rather than sitting down to focus on doing courses and setting up businesses and doing projects and all that other stuff. As soon as you think about something as an -y or an -ism then […]

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Kirsty’s Birthday

Because of the way things worked out, there’s some updates I never had time to put on here before heading off to the States, and chose not to do so when I was away in order to not break blog continuity! As a result, there’s going to be a bit of a muddy time where […]

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Fiery Irn-Bru

Behold! FIERY IRN-BRU. Today is a special day. Irn-Bru launched their newest foray into the beverage world with a ‘fiery’ Irn-Bru – pulled from a mock furnace amidst some creepy, mad-scientist type music in George Square. It’s not every day that AG Barr tinker with the unique, top-selling soft drink in Scotland, and so it’s […]

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