Fiery Irn-Bru



Today is a special day. Irn-Bru launched their newest foray into the beverage world with a ‘fiery’ Irn-Bru – pulled from a mock furnace amidst some creepy, mad-scientist type music in George Square.

It’s not every day that AG Barr tinker with the unique, top-selling soft drink in Scotland, and so it’s quite a spectacle. I managed to get a can off one of the creepily happy Irn-Bru elves, and walking back to the flat I was stopped twice by people shouting “IS THAT SPICY IRN-BRU!? GEEZ A PHOTAE BIG MAN.”

That’s the extent of its cultural importance.

I can confirm that it tastes incredible (see what I did there, Irn-Bru fans?) – a bit like a fiery ginger beer mixed with Irn-Bru’s own odd taste.

I can also confirm that it actually tastes good with vodka… something the original Bru sadly fails miserably at. If anyone manages to try it with Jack Daniel’s, let me know.. I didn’t have any to hand.

There’s something about finding a new taste which is completely different to everything else you know that is really exciting… although some of my American friends will beg to differ about the greatness of the Bru 😉

Staying with the new tastes concept…

I discovered this beauty in what can only be described as an alcohol WAREHOUSE, with rows upon rows of different spirits… a whole section devoted to single malt whisky from Scotland… some of which even I hadn’t seen before back home.

Of course, the prospect of honey infused Jack Daniel’s was to much to resist, so we bought two bottles – one for immediate consumption, and one for export back to the UK with me.

Anyone who says they like straight Jack must be nuts… I can’t stand the sharp taste of bourbon on its own, and shots make me feel ill. This stuff though, is the bee’s knees (pun intended). It tastes just about the same, or a bit more sickly sweet when mixed with Coke, but on its own it is beautiful – the honey just manages to take the edge off of the sour mash to make it very drinkable indeed.

Now… to find a way to import this on the cheap. Hmmm.


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