I’ve always said that I wasn’t in to ‘photography’. Rather, I liked taking pictures as I went along in life, rather than sitting down to focus on doing courses and setting up businesses and doing projects and all that other stuff. As soon as you think about something as an -y or an -ism then it becomes something to be obtained or applied as a label, rather than something to be experienced, absorbed and enjoyed; a career rather than a lifestyle.

In my humble opinion anyway.

Saying that though, you can get lazy, and every so often I feel un-challenged and un-inspired. You need to find ways to keep the magic of the images alive, and not merely an accessory. Not quite sure how I’m going to do that, but I sure hope something comes up soon. Once you’ve learned the tools of the trade, and bought, owned and then even sold on a ridiculous amount of equipment, it can become harder to discover avenues to keep your creativity fresh.

Or maybe that’s just what having a ‘style’ is all about: finding what you’re good at and sticking to it.


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