Alabama Update #2

I’m writing this in the courtyard of Caroline’s apartment building with a glass of orange juice, feeling my head burning in the sun. It’s ‘only’ eighteen degrees (Celcius), and it’s about eight back home apparently, but the difference in the weather couldn’t be more stark. It’s like the summer here: not a cloud in the […]

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Alabama Update – Part One.

I have finally made it to Sweet home Alabama. (Oh come on, it had to be said at least once). Braving the marathon journey from Edinburgh to the City of Mobile, flying with American Airlines was definitely not as grand as flying with Delta to Denver was. Despite the comfort of starting the first leg […]

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The Festive Period – 2011

The bulk of the festive season has come and gone, with all the madness that it brings, and before I head off to the States, here’s a brief run-down. In our family we’ve developed something of a tradition of having a much smaller, quiet dinner with just the immediate family unit on Christmas Eve. This […]

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Watermelon Party

Daz brandishing a shot of cherry brandy in a wine glass can mean only one thing: that we’re in the throes of advent… a time where all the normal social formalities seem to get that little bit looser than usual. Ginger Steve has just moved in with Kaylie and Daz for a bit, and we […]

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Jolly Rancher Vodka

The latest instalment of my vodka related posts concerns those wonderful sweets that you used to get in the UK until they realised just how bad they are for you: Jolly Ranchers. I’ve had piles of these things kicking about for ages, and even I couldn’t make my way through the mountain-load. The solution? Turn […]

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Vodka Watermelon

Ever since I went to some party in St. Andrews when I was about 18 and saw a vodka watermelon, i’ve wanted to try one out for myself. They weren’t exactly the easiest things to get a hold of in Scotland, and only recently have they started appearing in supermarkets for a price that won’t […]

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