50 – Murder Mystery

Continuing on with the celebrations for my dad’s 50th (which he claims have to last the full month), a pile of us gathered at the house back in Kirkie for a gangland themed night. With all of the cigars and cocktails kicking about, it was almost like being back in New Orleans. Ever since I […]

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Cathouse – Australia Day

G’day. Tie me kangaroo down sport. Throw another shrimp on the barbie ya old cobber, etc… It’s time to throw on some ridiculous (and inaccurate) hats, drink pish beer and celebrate Australia day at the Cathouse. This night only served to confirm that my memory is shot to pieces. Not a good omen for upcoming […]

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Wisdom dictates that one should not act in the heat of the moment, or write and post something online whilst angry and in the throes of intoxication. It can often be unwise and ill thought out. However, as I’m sure you wonderful readers will know, sometimes you have to give words to feelings that you […]

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It’s been over a week since I got back from America, and it all feels oh-so-far-away. Despite being a pretty private person, I’m often fairly open on here, which is probably partly because I feel like nobody reads it, so I don’t have any intended listener in mind. As a result, sometimes it’s a good […]

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American Update – The Finale

This is written from the comfort of my own bed back in Glasgow, after returning from sweet home Alabama. Even though I’d successfully taken numerous flights between three airports and a myriad of security checks (as well as a bus or two), I managed to fall at the last hurdle and take the long train […]

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