Molly – Couchsurfing

This is Molly. She came to Couchsurf last week. I’ve not had anybody stay in ageees, and I probably won’t be having too many for a while given the amount of stuff that I’ve got on, but I like to keep my eye on the ‘emergency’ couchsurfing group to lend a hand to people that […]

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Feb 14th 2012

Despite having a loan of somebody else’s Macbook, it’s not quite the same as having my own setup. Given that mine is currently in a pile of plastic parts and screws (God knows how they all fit back together), that’s not really an option. However, I’ve ripped out the hard-disk and managed to boot up […]

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Hello. Updates are going to be scant on here for a bit. After things being incredibly full on for a while, I’m having to take a bit of a step back from life before I wind up dead before the beginning of summer. On a more practical side, the motherboard on my beloved Macbook of […]

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