Glasgow Green

Here I am, avid readers. Look at that short hair. Am I respectable yet? Old buildings with brightly coloured bits are the coolest. Speaking of old, I turn 24 tomorrow.

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Cathouse – 27th March 2012

Still recovering. Errrr. Donna scarily suits my glasses pretty well. William Brown gets around. You probably already know him. It’s always cool meeting people in person that you’ve only ever seen kicking about the internet. It’s weird; almost as if they aren’t real until you see them in real life; a collision of two worlds. […]

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Glasgow in the Sun

What a sunny day in Glasgow. Okay, so I might have gotten up at half two, and only left the house after four, but it was still sunny… and still warmer than any other day of the year. I hope that it ends up raining tomorrow, since I’m in work all day. Not that it […]

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Couchsurfing – Tessa

I haven’t had any Couchsurfers stay in a while (okay, a few weeks), and so it was rather nice to be able to help out Tessa for a bit. She’s in the process of moving over to Glasgow from Cologne in Germany, and going through the thankless process of having to seek out both a […]

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St. Paddy’s Day 2012

It’s that time of year where people across the world get out the Irish flags and drink Guinness in memory of some long lost historical roots that they may or may not actually have. To be honest, it’s just like any other night in Glasgow. Before heading to work, the wonderful Lindsey joined me to […]

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Cathouse 10-03-12

Catty Cat Cat Cat Cathouse. It was pretty mobbed last night as there was a couple of gigs on in town, which is always good fun. It’s much better to be in a busy club than a quiet one. This is one of the bands who were playing at the Arches. I’ve no idea what […]

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