It’s sunny, so what better to put online than pictures from the Cathouse from last week? Nothing, that’s what. Just look at this face… Every night’s a good night when Roddy is out. Although he did have me try his DIY ‘cocktail’ mix that had a stupid amount of mixed shots in. Downing a couple […]

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Visiting Barnsley – May 2012

A couple of years ago I was on tour with a band called Hold Your Horse Is, and through a last minute cancellation, we ended up rolling into Scarborough to play a gig with another band called Everyone An Army. I kept in touch with their bassist Lee, having collaborated on some musical stuff together, […]

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Going away and out on a limb to meet new people and have adventures is one of the most exciting things you can do, but also comes with a whole raft of stresses. There’s always the chance that those who you’re going to stay with will get sick of you, or simply not turn up […]

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Cathouse 12-05-12

There’s an unspoken rule amongst the Cathouse staff that no matter what happened the night before, that every day is a new day. No matter how much of a wreckage someone might be, it could always be you next week… ‘One big fucked up family’. It’s a good way to work, and something which has […]

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Cathouse 06-05-12 – 80s Night

My memory of this night is fairly hazy. Here’s Kirsty. She’s a legend. Every so often my 5D does this stupid digitising thing… It’s pretty odd. Had a look online but haven’t seen anything about it. Any ideas? It’s only once every few months on one picture. Aw, how cute. It wasn’t till the following […]

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