No prizes for guessing this landmark. Despite the widely known fact that there are no Scottish people in Edinburgh, I couldn’t have Chris come to Scotland and not visit the City at least once. Of all of the Scottish pish that was on sale in an even greater volume than what I remember from the last […]

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Loch Lomond

In my quest to go to some very Scottish places whilst Chris is over from America, we decided to take a drive over to Loch Lomond. My friend Sarah and her band-mate were over the night before we headed out, and demanded that I let him hear the famous song played by Runrig and the […]

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This is Chris

When I was in Denver last September, he fed me free food and drink. Now he’s over in the UK for a month and it’s my turn to show him the sights. Note his demented picture-face. Apparently the view from Stirling Castle is how he imagined Scotland to look. That’s probably because it was pishing […]

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Non Corporate Corporate Portraits

I got asked to do a series of different pictures of staff at Amor Group – the place where I’m currently gainfully employed for four days a week. The Marketing Director told me to “…think less stuffy corporate headshot and more Stephen McLeod Party Photographer Extraordinaire”. Okay then. To avoid being just another corporate mugshot, […]

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