I’m two days into a new (almost) full time job in a place I’ve worked at for years in different guises. This time I’ve got a lot more responsibility than before, which is actually quite nice.

Even though it’s still a fresh return to something of a more ‘regular’ weekly schedule than I’ve been used to in years, a few things have become clear fairly quickly.

Whilst the loss of flexibility that goes along with university life is a marked down side, I definitely won’t miss the lack of respect that you get afforded. It’s incredible how much a place of supposed esteem like Glasgow University can make you feel like an insignificant part of an unrelenting treadmill. As awful as high school was, at least there there was some sort of comradery amongst the proles; in uni nobody simply gives a shit.

The change also forces things in life into some sort of different perspective with regards to how you deal with other people in your life. When the bulk of your time and energy is taken up by work that often leaves you scunnered for the rest of the day, those people that devote such little energy towards maintaining some sort of mutual relationship suddenly seem a whole lot more work than they’re worth. Why waste what little emotional capacity you have on those who attribute such little value to who you are? When your life is built around the social, this can get put off or dealt with through sheer abundance of time; when energy is precious, perhaps there’s a need to be a bit more decisive, and to learn when to withdraw.

I’ve got a fair few films to develop and a host of cool stuff happening over the next while, so soul-searching blogs will hopefully be replaced with images of Skye, Edinburgh and Paris. Watch this space.

Mugdock Castle, April 2012
Hasselblad 500CM – Kodak Portra 400UC (expired 2007)


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