Cari Ann Wayman

This is Cari. We met on Flickr years ago when there wasn’t many people around, so if you were a decent photographer it was relatively easy to become fairly prolific.

We ended up speaking a lot more after I’d been out to the States a few times; I remember driving around Nashville and thinking how amazing the scenery and Americana was, but since I’m not really into pictures that don’t have people in them, being fairly powerless to capture what I saw.

This was the catalyst for my recent trip, and after a whole host of conversations, I ended up flying out to the States for three weeks. I stayed with Cari for about five days, and when we weren’t in Chicago, she took me out to show me her world of abandoned houses, falling down walls and overgrown gardens.

It was pretty surreal.

Stepping into a place that you’ve become so familiar with through pictures, and meeting someone in the flesh that you’ve gotten to know so well through a screen, which is so far removed from your daily life, is probably one of the strangest feelings I’ve ever had; almost like walking right into a movie scene.

I had a brilliant time, and I’m glad I took the leap; I’ve got a new pal across the world, and now it’s not just a digital engagement.

Wisconsin, USA
September 2012
Hasselblad 500CM
Kodak Portra 400UC – expired 2007


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