Cathouse Christmas Eve – 2012

Ahhh Christmas Eve. A time for family, festivities, and eh… bad Santa. What more could you ask for than a Buckfast drinking Saint Nich. throwing selection boxes at people’s heads? Christmas Eve is always a relatively quiet affair… especially since Scotrail have been gradually cancelling all of the train services after 8pm into town over […]

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Cathouse – December 2012

The past few days have properly broken me. I’ll be glad when the festive season is done with. Gemma ❤ Chantal. We gave away a bad jumper. This was the girl who won it. My memory of how exactly this came about is fairly fuzzy. This Christmas tree was stolen. I have no eyes This […]

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Leeds on LC-A

Autumn always looks so much better on film. I’ve got some cool trips planned for January, and as with all sad, photo-taking losers, I’ve been trying to work out the best cameras to pack for when. This may sound straightforward, but there are a whole host considerations to be taken into account, including quality, space […]

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