When Grace Came to Scotland

Vegetarian haggis, hedgehog gloves, champagne, kilts, public displays of affection, french bulldogs, macarons, two hour walks, funny accents, chasing taxis, Rumpleminze, skull rings, rats, curry, endless staircases, bubbling cocktails, fish suppers, white russians, hidden restaurants, cliches, window-ledge refrigerators, boat rides, blonde hairs, comedy injuries, snowstorms, hip flasks, toilet queues, jet lag, border controls, planes trains […]

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Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Paris.

So Grace is away back to Colorado. Here’s some of the past 3 weeks in pictures. On the second level of the Eiffel Tower. ¬†When in Paris… Noir. Arc de Triomphe in London, swing-dancing and toasting German birthdays. Swinging in London (no pun intended) Everybody loves m&m world. Chinatown, London. Stupidly decadent and expensive drinks […]

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Timeless Tattoo-ing

This is Roddy McLean of Timeless Tatoo in Glasgow – my favourite place to go to get scarred for life. I remember spending a lot of time looking around for good places to get tattooed in Glasgow a few years ago, and always getting met with responses that didn’t exactly… enamour me into their establishment… […]

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