Chinatown – Chicago

‘Stupid risks make life worth living’ It might may well be something uttered by Homer Simpson, but it’s completely true. Were it not for stupid risks, I wouldn’t ever have gone to America, or got shot in Alabama, or ended up in Chicago’s Chinatown taking pictures of a girl I’d met on Flickr. If you […]

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Amarillo, Texas.

When Grace’s friends and family found out that we were going to Texas, they all seemed to be incredulous. “Texas?! Why on earth do you want to go to Texas?” (I’ve paraphrased the actual words used to make it more polite) Well, I say to them… If we hadn’t gone to Texas, we wouldn’t have […]

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There’s nothing quite so difficult, yet straightforward, as having to wait. Take me back. pictured: Weatherton, Texas. Lomo LC-A.  

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