Tiny Town, Colorado

Ever since I first went to Colorado, people have been talking about going to Tiny Town. This is essentially a… well… ‘tourist attraction’ in the middle of nowhere with lots of miniature houses. There was once a tiny train crash, which people found hilarious. Apparently it was actually quite serious, but given that the train […]

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Mistake Pageant

A couple of weeks ago I was enlisted to take some promo pictures of Mistake Pageant from Glasgow, and opted for a combination of digital and film. No prizes for guessing which these are.      Hasselblad 500CM Kodak Portra 400 (UC and VC) – expired 2005/2007

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Last Day in Denver

I remember this day vividly, although I wish I didn’t. After waking up in some fancy downtown hotel, we met Chris and Kayla for lunch at City, O City. They weren’t talking to each other as they had fallen out at work the night before. Standard behaviour. I had a gluten free BBQ tofu flatbread […]

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