Brel – Ashton Lane

In honour of Wrightie’s birthday, a group of the Kirkie stalwarts descended upon Brel in Ashton Lane. Here he is looking pensive: Maybe it’s because we were in the West End on a Saturday night, but we are probably all now coming to the realisation (if not acceptance) that we are old gits now. It’s […]

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Cari and the Bean

You can’t go to the Windy City and not see the bean¬†down Millennium Park way. Interestingly enough, it’s the product of a British artist. For me, this was the second time I had seen the installation, although the encounter few days prior is a less than crystal clear memory. After this we headed around and […]

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2000 Trees Festival 2013

I had wanted to go to the 2000 Trees Festival down in deepest darkest England somewhere for years, but circumstances had always managed to conspire against me. Luckily, my pal Chris Rouse is mad enough to accept an invitation to play a gig right before his wedding, so I was able to kill two birds […]

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