I’ve always had a bit of a fascination with Al Capone, and the legend that surrounds him… like how when he was told to keep a ‘low profile’ during his final trial, he responded by wearing a different neon colour tailored suit to court each day. That trial eventually saw him carted off to Alcatraz. […]

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Something Old

Going through negatives yesterday I discovered this picture of Andrea I’d taken over a few years ago now. That night, we got really drunk on Jack Daniel’s, and and then after walking back round to her house on what was the snowiest day of the year, I decided to head across town to the Cathouse. […]

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Denver 2013 – Back Again

I’m out in the States again – this time on a trip to San Francisco with work. Since they are wonderful folks, they suggested flying via Denver so I could see Grace and hang out with friends before she moves over the pond. I’ve not really been taking as many pictures this trip, or at […]

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