Recently, me, Grace, and a couple of friends visited the island of Iona. It was part of a ‘three island’ trip – travelling through the Isle of Mull (where the infamous Balamory was filmed), Staffa, and Iona. Here’s a ship called dignity. The island is known as a symbolic home of Christianity in the West, […]

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Kerry’s Birthday.

Last night was Kerry’s birthday. We marked the occasion in true Kerry style: with lots of punch, outlandish drinking games, and potent vodka jelly shots. The lime ones were the best. One of the cool things was seeing Laura again, who’s pictured below. We haven’t seen each other in ages. The last time was when […]

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The Wedding of Hannah and Matt

Last September one of my old friends got married, to a lovely guy named Matt. No, that isn’t Matt above. That’s Michael, her brother. It was a great day. There were lots of old friends there that I hadn’t seen in years. It was particularly poignant as most of us had only ever really interacted […]

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Chicago by Night.

Chicago, Illinois. One of my favourite cities. I was fortunate enough to be one of those from Automattic asked to fly out to attend UserConf back in May. The actual event itself was only on for a day and a bit, but a group of us stretched it out so we could get to know […]

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The Arch of Birmingham

A few months ago, me and Grace took a trip down south to stay with some friends for a couple of weeks – eating cheese, drinking cider… that sort of thing. We started and ended the journey with a night in Birmingham either side, visiting the Cadbury Factory, and Electric Cinema along the way. On […]

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