Amsterdam – Part Two

Here’s the second set of pictures from Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago, though it feels a bit odd writing this from a balcony in Athens. As Grace said to me when we got to Greece, it’s strange going from one place to another, as the two cities are worlds apart. This particular Sunday we […]

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Amsterdam – Part One

My parents (and dog) recently moved to Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. It was their anniversary, and my mum’s birthday within the space of a few weeks, and so we headed out to visit them for a bit. Rather than shoot film, I decided to just use the Leica M8 to give it a proper spin […]

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Back in May Grace and I had to head down to Liverpool to extend her visa at one of the (what was formerly known as) the UKBA’s Premium Appointment offices. Why we couldn’t just go to the Glasgow office is a story in of itself. Despite the frustration involved in the whole visa process, and […]

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