Situated on a hill in the centre of Athens, it’s impossible to miss the Acropolis. No visit to the city would be complete without it. The entrance ticket is 12 Euros, and covers a few separate outdoor historical sites aside from the Acropolis itself – including the Temple of Olympian Zeus, which is located just […]

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Honolulu, Hawaii

Back at the start of July I went to Honolulu, in Hawaii for a week to meet up with the Forums squad. It took something like 25 hours of flight time to get there from Glasgow – and if it had been any further it would have been quicker to go the other way. […]

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Flisvos, Athens.

Lee has been out visiting us in Athens for the past week or so. Today, we weren’t completely sure what we could do that was cheap and worth seeing. We had debated going in to the city centre to kick around, but the weather wasn’t too great. Instead, we found ourselves down on the coastal […]

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