Chicago. One of my favourite cities. There’s something about Chicago that has a good feel about it. I feel like the stoic attitude of the locals, the love of drink and music, and the intangible grimy edge of the place seem a lot like Glasgow. The CTA public transport system is another one of my […]

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It felt like Winter in Glasgow today. Al forced me to go out with him and take some pictures in the fog, and I’m glad he did. I dug out some old packs of Polaroid 669 film that had expired as far back as 2005 for the occasion.

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Back in May, our pal Chris came over from Colorado to visit. It wasn’t the easiest task to work out where we could go in Scotland that was easy to get to without a car, as we had already been to most of those places the last time he visited. Oban ended up fitting the […]

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Puerto Rico

Literally twelve hours after we landed back in Scotland after being in Greece for three months, it was time to get on a plane and fly out to Puerto Rico for the Terms of Service team meetup. It was inevitably going to be exhausting – especially as I would only be there for a […]

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Streets of Athens

Next to Glasgow, Athens is my favourite city in the world. There’s so much going on all the time, and always something different to see. We’ve been here for almost three months, and a few weeks ago I got annoyed at myself that I wasn’t really getting pictures that captured that. I’ve never been a […]

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