Afternoon in St. Andrews

After we got married a couple of weeks ago, we had some time to kick about on the East Coast. Our pals Gordon, Roberta, Al, and Becky had all stayed through, and we met up for a bit of lunch before heading back through to Glasgow. We hadn’t had much time to chat to them […]

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Islay is an island in the Inner Hebrides, off of the West Coast of Scotland. It is the seventh largest island around the coast of the UK, though what it’s really famous for is whisky. With just 3000 residents, there are 9 active distilleries, producing some of the best spirit in the world. If you’ve […]

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Burns Night 2014

Last night a few of us got together at the house of our pals Michelle and Murray to celebrate Robert Burns night. Technically we were a day early, but it meant we could do so on a Saturday and recover before the weekend was over. The Bard himself was in attendance. Michelle had gone all […]

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Amsterdam – 35mm

A bunch of colour 35mm pictures from out and about in Amsterdam. If you get away from the bustling centre filled with drunk idiots on stag do’s, or those just over for weed tourism, the city is a beautiful place with cafes and restaurants down every tiny canal-lined street. This is somewhere I’ll hopefully get […]

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Stag Do

You’re not meant to take cameras to stag do’s, but since it was mine then I think this is allowed. The only self-censorship I had to impose was minimal, given that as the night descended into chaos the pictures became so blurry as to be unusable. I’m more concerned about the reported videos that are […]

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