London in Colour (35mm)

London, in colour this time. A place full of contradictions. Chinatown looks best in colour, naturally. as does some of the other bits… Especially on the first sunny day of the year. and it’s not too shabby in the evening either. Especially at restaurants hidden inside sex shops. and coffee shops in toilets. G’night.

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Uprawr Club Night Glasgow

I was in the Cathouse for the launch of a new touring club night called Uprawr last Thursday. I don’t usually do Thursdays, preferring to stick to the weekends when it’s busier (and therefore easier to take photos). I usually shot with a pair of Canon 5Ds, and they’ve served well for about 8 years. […]

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Sunny Glasgow

Yesterday was unusually sunny in Glasgow. At one point it was only showing as 11C, but it felt much hotter. That’s what happens when you get used to it being cold and overcast all the time. I’ve been wanting to make more use of my Hasselblad lately, so went to the West End to meet […]

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