Barcelona in Black and White

Barcelona. Panther milk, patatas bravas, sangria, blowing bubbles, sandstorms, sunglasses, Gaudi everywhere, Catalonia, independence, flags, sun, Jager chernoblees, sore feet, nae man left behind, late nights, hangovers, doing a Watkis, Ice tea, melting houses, unfinished churches, passion fruit mojitos, rare not medium steak, tequila shots, hotel inspectors, cured meat, dragon fruit, bestc***s, hellos and goodbyes. […]

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Scots Abroad

This past week I’ve been out in Barcelona. The main purpose was for one of our work meetups, but as things worked out, a friend and colleague from the States suggested heading out a few days early to explore and make the most of the trip. We booked an Airbnb down near the beach with […]

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Grant and Jennifer’s Wedding

This weekend past saw the wedding of some old pals from school days – Grant and Jen. The sun shone brightly down on Ayr, sandwiched in between two days of rain, and it made the colours seem even brighter than they do normally. It’s the first wedding I’ve been to since our own just a […]

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Guinness Factory, Dublin

Last February I headed over to Dublin for a few days to meet with colleagues from Automattic – many of them for the first time. I’ve written about that tripĀ in general before, but never posted the pictures from our trip to the home of Guinness – the black stuff which is ubiquitous throughout the city. […]

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