Travel Gear Review Post

For our honeymoon we spent ages deciding where to go, and for how long. In the end, we opted to go one trip around different parts of Italy, and then some other smaller trips later on. In the time we spent in Italy, we visited 17 different towns and cities, took around 14 trains, and […]

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One Night in Pisa

The common perception of Pisa is that it’s a bit crap. There isn’t much to do… or anything at all really, with the obvious exception of the infamous leaning phallus. That description might seem a tad crude or unfair, but I call it that because that is exact what it is: a massive penis extension […]

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Back on the ‘road’ again. Stop two on our Italian honeymoon adventure was Florence, or Firenze if you want to try and sound Italian. Any hopes that the temperature in this Tuscan city might have been slightly less oppressive than Rome were dashed, when we discovered it was actually a few degrees hotter. Given that […]

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When in Rome

Ahh Rome. At risk of stating the bloody obvious, Rome is hot. Like, disgustingly hot. Walk two minutes and have to stop to get water kind of hot. Well, I say water. I prefer lemon drinks. In hindsight, looking to go at the peak of summer for our honeymoon probably made sense when we booked […]

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